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Culinary Arts » Culinary Arts Class Guidelines and Grading Evaluations

Culinary Arts Class Guidelines and Grading Evals. Culinary Arts Class Guidelines and Grading Evaluations


Culinary Arts Guidelines and Grading Evaluation Criteria

The Culinary Arts class is a Job Preparatory class; therefore it is run like a Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts operation.

“Success depends upon preparation, and without preparation there is sure to be failure.”

Grading Criteria and Allocation:

» Daily Lab Evaluation will be 50% of total grade. Culinary Arts Evaluation form used as criteria.

In order to receive an "A" in Culinary Arts you must complete assigned tasks, be in assigned uniform which consists of a white Chef's jacket and a floppy Chef's hat, complete written work and home learning assignments, satisfactorily and proficiently complete Culinary Arts Benchmarks as per Florida Department of Education Curriculum, pass quizzes and tests relating to your Culinary Group and, complete Industry Certification if applicable.

Written Assignments will be 50% of total grade.

Since most of the performance in the Culinary Arts class is hands on, a daily lab evaluation form will be used to assess your daily hands on performance in class. This form has been distributed and explained to me thoroughly by the Chef Instructor. Initial________

» Since a kitchen is a dangerous working environment with knives, power tools, electric equipment, and various other potentially hazardous situations; there are certain actions that will garner an automatic “F” for the class period and/or the permanent removal from the Culinary Arts classes. Additionally in a commercial kitchen there is a very strong and professional ethic in the performance and execution of serving wholesome, safe, nutritious foods to customers that cannot be over emphasized.

The following actions or lack thereof may earn you an automatic “F” for the class period and may be altered any time as needed:

  1. Roughhousing or playing of any kind in the kitchen or classroom.
  2. Placing knives in the sink, this may cause severe injuries to classmates. This has been explained to me thoroughly in class. Initial_______
  3. Not cleaning your work area and the equipment you used
  4. Sitting anywhere but on a chair.
  5. Any type of playing with knives, even pretending. No other activity except cutting will be performed with the knives.
  6. Allowing students that do not belong in this class into the classroom. You know who belongs in this class; do not let other students in! The classroom is strictly for Culinary Arts students, and Faculty and Staff during lunch.
  7. Throwing, hiding, or placing garbage anywhere but in a garbage can, this includes, food, food wrappers of any sort, gloves, uniforms, hairnets, aprons and, any other miscellaneous items.
  8. Not performing your assigned tasks.
  9. Not using correct “Wash”, “Rinse”, Sanitize” procedures at the pot sink and/or placing dirty dishes on the clean side of the sink. The Chef Instructor has demonstrated this to me thoroughly in class and, I understand the concept. Initial_______
  10. Giving food away to any person, taking food for you, or stealing food or any other product or equipment. This will also result in a written referral and/or any other legal or disciplinary actions that may arise.
  11. Performing any action that will endanger the wholesomeness or safety of the food products that we serve. This includes but not limited to sticking your hands in the ice machine. If you want ice, use the scoop, bring your own cup and use both.  DO NOT USE YOUR DIRTY OR CLEAN HANDS AT ANY TIME!

The Culinary Arts class is divided into five groups. Each group is assigned a list of tasks daily which is numbered from one to five.  The Chef Instructor has explained this to me thoroughly in class. Initial_______

Each group has a cooking assignment and, a maintenance assignment daily. Your daily evaluation consists of both. If your assigned maintenance task is neither complete or is not occurring during your class period, help other groups that may need the help.

It is the student’s responsibility to check their assignment in the kitchen and perform the assigned tasks. If you are not clear on any task, ask the Chef Instructor, NOT YOUR CLASSMATES!  Initial_______

» If you are looking for an item, look for it first in the location where it should be. Do not come and ask me where items are before looking for them yourselves. DO NOT ASK ME TO GET ITEMS FOR YOU!  You, as an individual are capable of retrieving your own materials.

» This class is not your personal supply room, we do not get any supplies “FREE”.  A price list for supplies will be posted in the classroom if you want to buy them or, you may choose to bring in your own supplies. I cannot be responsible for the storage or maintenance of your supplies if you choose to bring your own supplies in. As you may or may not know, this class has to raise its own “FUNDS” (money) in order to keep buying supplies, so we can continue to cook and learn as we are currently doing. If these supplies are mismanaged or pilfered (stolen) we will have to discontinue the lab portion of the class and we will be doing theoretical classes only in the classroom. It is up to you to safeguard your classroom supplies so we can continue to work in the kitchen.

» Student meals are provided at the discretion of the Chef Instructor, students must pay for all foods and drinks consumed in class. The Chef Instructor may choose to provide a specific menu item at a discounted price or as a gesture of good will to reward students who perform above average on a consistent basis.

» As a Chef Instructor I do not have time to stop my class, and I will not, in order  to fulfill your personal whims such as cups for ice, sugar, cream, opening doors for whatever reasons, filling out your paper work at your convenience, find you a spoon, get you a serving utensil, etc.

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Chef Manny J. Delgado, NBCT, CEC, CCE, MCFE, CDM, CFPP, CPFM, CFPM