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Culinary Arts Assignments Culinary Arts Assignments

Food Box

Culinary Arts Homework and Reading Assignments for the school year


The text book for the Culinary Arts Class is “On Cooking 4th Ed. and the accompanying workbook.

Student Resources:

Cost Genie CD-ROM

The Cost Genie CD-ROM contains all the recipes from On Cooking. This software allows users to modify recipes, convert recipe quantities, perform nutritional analysis and search for recipes using various fields.

Cooking Techniques DVD-ROM:

This DVD contains 91 video clips of techniques featured in the textbook, demonstrated and narrated by Chef Dave McGurn of the Connecticut Culinary Institute. The DVD-ROM also includes hundreds of interactive skill building exercises including:


*Flash Cards

*Food Labeling

VangoNotes are audio study guides that are organized by chapter and provide chapter reviews and vocabulary practice. The study guide is available for purchase and download from to more than 130 AudioReady ™ digital audio devices, including iPods ™, other MP3 players, PDAs and smart wireless devices.

Online Resources:

Provides an interactive learning environment for students. Students can take practice exams, view their results, link to other Culinary websites and review chapter outlines.

Please refer to Appendix II for measurement and conversion charts.

Refer to Appendix III for produce availability chart

Refer to Appendix I for Professional organizations

Bibliography and Recommended Reading Page 1337

Glossary Page 1343

Index Page 1369

 The first two nine weeks students are to complete one ServSafe quiz per week and turn it in on Fridays

The third and fourth semesters students are to read two chapter in the textbook each week and answer the questions at the end of each chapter. All questions on the textbook are to be answered and turned in by FRiday each week.

First Semester

Week 1 ServSafe Quiz 1

Week 2 ServSafe Quiz 2

Week 3 ServSafe Quiz 3

Week 4 ServSafe Quiz 4

 Week 5 ServSafe Quiz 5

Week 6 ServSafe Quiz 6

Week 7 ServSafe Quiz 7

Week 8 ServSafe Quiz 8

Week 9ServSafe Quiz 9

Second Semester

Week 1 ServSafe Quiz 10

Week 2 ServSafe Quiz 11

Week 3 ServSafe Quiz 12

Week 4 ServSafe Quiz 13

Week 5 ServSafe Quiz 14

Week 6 ServSafe Quiz 15

Week 7 ServSafe Quiz 16

Week 8 ServSafe Quiz 17

Week 9 ServSafe Quiz 18

Third Semester

Week1 Professionalism, Food Safety and Sanitation, Tools and Equipment and Knife Skills

Week 1 Mise en Place and Principles of Cooking

Week 2 Principles of Meat Cookery, Menus and Recipes

Week 2 Nutrition, Flavors and Flavorings

Week 3 Stocks and Sauces

Week 3 Soups, Dairy Products

Week 4 Potatoes, Grains, and Pasta

Week 4 Vegetables, Vegetarian Cooking

Week 5 Poultry

Week 5 Sandwiches

Week 6 Eggs and Breakfast

Week 6 Salads and Salad Dressings

Week 7 Fruits

Week 7 Beef

Week 8 Pork

Week 8 Veal

Week 9Lamb

Week 9 Game

Fourth semester

Week 1 Fish and Shellfish

Week 1Charcuterie

Week 2 Hors D’Oeuvre and Canapes

Week 2 Principles of the Bakeshop

Week 3 Quick Breads

Week 3 Yeast Breads

Week 4 Pies, Pastries and Cookies

Week 4 Cakes and Frostings

Week 5 Custards, Creams, Frozen Desserts and Dessert Sauces

Week 5 Plate Presentation

Week 6 Buffet Presentation

Week 6 Student Presentations

Week 7 Student Presentations

Week 7 Student Presentations

Week 8 Student Presentations

Week 8 Student Presentations

Week 9 Student Presentations

Week 9 Student Presentations


Depending on school activities, schedule changes, and other unforeseen issues the schedule may be altered throughout the school year as needed. Students will be advised of such changes as necessary.

Chef Manny J. Delgado, NBCT, CEC, CCE, MCFE, CDM, CFPP, CPFM, CFPM