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Culinary Arts » Culinary Arts Groups Kitchen Responsibilities

Culinary Arts Groups Kitchen Responsibilities Culinary Arts Groups Kitchen Responsibilities
Culinary Arts 2, 3, 4 Kitchen Responsibilities


Culinary Arts Groups


The Culinary Arts class will be divided up into five groups that will perform various assigned tasks on a daily basis determined by the State of Florida Curriculum Framework. The satisfactory and proficient performance of these tasks will be the primary source of your grade on the “Daily Lab Evaluation” form. Each group will have a cooking and a maintenance assignment daily

When you arrive in class; it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to go look at your daily assignment and report to that area immediately and perform your assigned tasks satisfactorily and proficiently.

Failure to perform your assigned tasks will result in an unsatisfactory or failing (“F”) grade for the day/week.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get to class on time, wash your hands at a hand sink, get a jacket, apron, and hair net or hat and report to your assigned area.

These will determine your “Practical Culinary Arts” grade on a daily basis.

There is no eating or drinking in the kitchen while food is being prepared or served!

You may eat and drink in the dining room/classroom during your lunch period or breaks.

The Culinary Arts program depends on the products and/or supplies we sell to continue to provide funds to buy the materials we need in order to cook and learn. Giving away or stealing food and/or supplies will only serve to not realize the income or money for those products given away or stolen.

Take pride in what you do and how you do it!!!


The groups in the Culinary Arts class shall be as follows and may change from time to time depending on the need.

  1. Dining Room/Classroom Attendants---Pantry/Garde Manger (Salads, Sandwiches)
  2. Food Servers---Vegetables and Starches
  3. Pots---Soups & Sauces
  4. Kitchen Sanitation---Meats
  5. Laundry/Maintenance---Baking
1.  Dining Room/Classroom Attendant Responsibilities---Pantry/Garde Manger (Salads, Sandwiches)
- Perform Host/Hostess duties as needed, courteously and professionally.
- Welcome visitors (Welcome to the Blue & Gold Café)
- Maintain the dining room/classroom in an orderly, sanitary fashion. This is the first impression customers get when they walk into our facility. Make it a positive first impression!!! Our program’s survival depends on it.
- Make sure tables are clean
- Sweep floors as needed
- Return chairs to their proper positions and clean the chairs
- Direct and control traffic in an orderly fashion during lunch service
Perform other duties as needed

2.  Food Servers---Vegetables & Starches
- Food Servers are responsible for stocking their station with products and replenishing as needed. This includes serving containers, serving utensils, gloves and other necessary items determined by the menu.
- Maintain station in a clean and sanitary condition.
- Do not drop food on the ground, use a garbage can. Wipe food off counter tops or serving tables.
- Do not drink, eat, or chew gum while serving. This is unsanitary, looks unprofessional and will decrease your grade.
- When lunch is over, you are to remove any remaining food left on the line, transfer it to an appropriate size container, label the food and place it in the tables in the back for storage.
- Perform other duties as needed
3.      Pots and Pans---Soups & Sauces
- When you are in pots and pans you are responsible for making sure the “Wash, Rinse, Sanitize” sinks are clean, set up properly and all pots and pans in the kitchen are properly washed, rinsed, air dried and put away in the proper location. This has to be done during the whole class period! If you put things back in the same place all the time, you will find them in the same place every time you look for them!
- Make sure all the shelves under the sink are clean and organized
- Make sure walls and drain boards are clean
- Perform other duties as needed
4.      Kitchen---Meats
- The Kitchen group will be responsible for general kitchen clean up. This includes but is not limited to, table tops, shelves, equipment, floors, walls, doors, spice cart, spice containers, and miscellaneous items.
- Clean and organize storeroom daily
- Check bathrooms daily get papers off the floors and restock with paper towels and tissue paper if needed.
- Restock flatware, (forks, knives), condiments, in the kitchen.
- On Fridays, the floor will be hosed down and washed by this group.
- Perform other duties as needed


5.      Laundry & Maintenance---Baking
- This group will be responsible for washing soiled towels at the Cosmetology Lab and taking dirty linens to Dry Cleaning class to launder. As soon as you report to class check to see if there is any laundry to be done. The washer/dryers are located inside the Cosmetology Lab across the hall. Knock on door  and courteously ask if you may use the washer and dryer. If the answer is yes, continue to wash the items. If they are busy, let the Chef Instructor know and come back to class immediately.
- Make sure papers towels are restocked in both hand sinks and in bathrooms. - Make sure there is hand soap in the four locations listed above.
- Additionally this group is responsible for the maintenance of the chemical storage and utility closet. This room is to be maintained clean and in an orderly fashion.
- Also, this group will be responsible for taking the garbage out to the dumpsters as needed. Make sure garbage cans are washed out daily!
- Make sure that all the equipment is in the general area it is supposed to be at and if not, return it to its proper location.
- Perform other duties as needed
These duties may vary from time to time and/or may be adjusted, changed, or reassigned as conditions require.
Take advantage of your time in Culinary Arts and learn as much as you can, this is knowledge that you will use in your daily lives whether you stay in this field or decide on another career!
Remember: If you have time to lean you have time to clean!!!
If you have nothing to do; don’t do it here!!!

Chef Manny J. Delgado, NBCT, CEC, CCE, MCFE, CDM, CFPP, CPFM, CFPM